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's nothing compared to what it will be if nobody wins tonight. >>> o.j. simpson, his attorney appears in court but not to defend o.j., but wait until you hear what he said about the disgraced superstar. >>> good morning. it's saturday, may 18th. i am victor blackwell. >> i am poppy harlow. and looking for a reason for the commuter train jumped the tracks and the new york times reports that the police are investigating it as though it were a crime scene. >> all of a sudden, we just hear, boom, and then we saw, like, smoke everywhere. i just focused in on my two kids and just hugging them and embracing them. >> i almost flew over the seat, and i held on and i'm okay, and others are hurt, though. >> we went to the front and kicked out windows and we got off the train. >> it will take us a while to determine the cause so it will take quite sometime. >>> this morning, ntsb investigators expected to be on site in just a few hours. as of this hour we know 24 people are stillhospitalized. it happened near bridgeport, connecticut, on friday. it could be shut down for weeks. we will have more o
.j. versus his former lawyer, simpson former attorney in court friday not to defend o.j. wait until you hear what he said about the disgraced superstar. >> good morning. it is saturday, may 18th. i'm victor blackwell. >> and i'm poppy harlow. thank you for starting your saturday with us. >> it is 8:00 on the east coast. we'll start with the collision between two commuter trains in connecticut. people were tossed over seats. one man says immediately the lights went out in his car as the two trains slammed into each other. now it's time for investigators to get a closer look. cnn national correspondent susan candiotti joins me on the phone. we just had a conversation with the chairman of the national transportation safety board. she said there was one representative who left d.c. last night, more are on their way there now. what can you add for us, susan? >> reporter: of course the key question as i'm sure she indicated, how did it happen? you have the two commuter trains carrying about 250 people in all, one heading to new york city, one the opposite direction. the northbound train derails pl
the crash. and the attorneys who tried to keep o.j. simpson out of jail r against the disgraced fabulous great. simpson blamed the lawyer for the fact he was behind bars. and the investigation that netted more than a doze ep suspects, stay close. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. starts with ground beef, onions and peppers baked in a ketchup glaze with savory gravy and mashed russet potatoes. what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all? that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care, for you or your family. the wright brothers became the first in flight. [ goodall ] i think the most amazing thing is how like us these chimpanzees are. [ laughing ] [ woman ] can you hear me? and you hear your voice? oh, it's exciting! [ man ] touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hi. [ baby fussing ] ♪ always go the extra mile. to treat my low testosterone, i did my
. >> there are strategies to winning which we may employ later today. >>> o.j. simpson trying to get a new trial after conviction for robbery and kidnapping. his former lawyer took the stands on friday. a riveting hearing. now up to a judge to decide. so what are simpson's chances? we'll check in with our legal expert on that one. >> catch up with the young woman who shocked the fashion world when she walked away from a luck ra ty career as a victoria's secret model. why she felt she had to get out of business what she called selling sex. >>> and gunshots during a live tv interview, with an acard believe award winning actress and before that a jewelry heist, like something right out of mov movies. we'll take a look at what's going on in the mediterranean. >>> and beyonce, the news that could affect her blockbuster concert tour. that coming up. >>> we begin with the train derailment in connecticut. we begin with michelle franzen. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, lester. a look at part of one of the trains back here, resting on the tress tressel. you can see, construction going on at the ti
on his show on monday. coming up next, the man who o.j. simpson said just didn't do the job well enough in defending him has to take the stand himself. from defense table to the witness stand and face to face with his former client o.j. simpson, find out yale galanter's side of the story and what he is going to say about o.j. after defending him for so long. >>> and also, emotions running very high as the crews search for survivors after deadly twisters tear through texas. >> we were all praying. it was just -- it was awful. it was the scariest feeling. i was worried about my kids. ♪ ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ let me play among the stars ♪ and let me see what spring is like ♪ ♪ on jupiter and mars ♪ in other words [ male announcer ] the classic is back. ♪ i love [ male announcer ] the all-new chevrolet impala. chevrolet. find new roads. ♪ you we're not in london, are we? no. why? apparently my debit card is. what? i know. don't worry, we have cancelled your old card. great. thank you. in addition to us monitoring your accounts for unusual activity, you could also set up fr
proudest thing is our family, this isn't going to get that. >>> o.j. simpson expected to take the stand today. he says his lawyers botched his defense in the 2008 gas armed robbery case that landed him a prison sentence of 9-33 years. he wants a new trial. the former nfl great did score a small victory during his second day in court. instead of being fully restrained the judge allowed simpson to have one hand free to take notes and to drink water. >> feeling lucky? there's a jumbo jackpot at steak the power ball lottery stands at $360 million. if no one hits tonight's drawing the jackpot could sore to a record $187.5 million. this is the third largest power ball jackpot in history. are you going to buy tickets? >> i am. >> disgraced anthony weiner is ready to announce his run for mayor of new york city. sources tell new york post after weeks he is going to make it official early this week. reports say he's already busy s. no doubt you probably remember that. wiener resigned from congress back in 2011 after sending out lewd pictures of himself all over twitter. >>> dancing with the stars
so much, bill. >>> america's deficit is dropping faster than expected. >>> plus, o.j. simpson finally takes the stand today in court. >>> and america's navy takes a major step forward, introducing pilotless drones to our mighty aircraft carriers. [ female announcer ] are you sensitive to dairy? then you'll love lactose-free lactaid® it's 100% real milk that's easy to digest so you can fully enjoy the dairy you love. lactaid®. for 25 years, easy to digest. easy to love. [ agent smith ] i've found software that intrigues me. it appears it's an agent of good. ♪ [ agent smith ] ge software connects patients to nurses to the right machines while dramatically reducing waiting time. [ telephone ringing ] now a waiting room is just a room. [ static warbles ] >>> now to some other stories making news this morning. the leaders of the independent panel on the attack in benghazi will publicly testify before congress. thomas pickering and former joint chiefs admiral, mike mullen, will answer questions from republicans who called their findings flawed. pickering says criticism of the accountabi
to that. >>> another high profile case playing out in court. o.j. simpson spent the last five days trying to convince a judge to give him a retrial. simpson accuses his former attorney yale gallanter of mishandling his case. gallanter took the stand and refused to back down. >> the whole idea that somebody thought i was ineffective or thought i didn't have mr. simpson's best interests at heart is insulting and absurd. >> i certainly conveyed to him that we didn't know what a jury was going to do, that there were a lot of people out there that didn't like him, that he really, really ought to consider the offer. >> simpson says that gallanter gave him bad legal advice the night before he stormed a hotel room to collect his memorabilia. the judge will issue a decision in writing but it's not been said what will happen. simpson has served five years of his 9 to 33-year sentence. >>> president obama is turning his eyes away from the irs controversy to the economy this morning. in his weekly address, the president talks about his trip friday to baltimore, where he met with factory workers, youn
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, fremont. 59. that's it today in san francisco. developments in two high-profile court cases. o.j. simpson testifying in his bid for a new trial on armed robbery charges while today jurors in the jodi arias case consider the ultimate punishment after finding her eligible for the death penalty. we'll begin in phoenix with diana alvear. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. as the judge explained to the jurors, all murders are considered cruel by definition, but did travis alexander suffer during his 2008 death at the hands of jodi arias? >> we the jury, duly impaneled find that the the aggravating factor, especially cruel has been proven. >> reporter: the jury took three hours to decide that the way jodi arias killed her boyfriend, travis alexander fit the court's definition. arias was convicted may 8th of premeditated murder. >> as to count one, first-degree murder, guilty. >> reporter: after the verdict, she told a local station she prefers a death sentence to life in prison. >> i believe death is the ultimate freedom. so i'd rather just have my freedom as soon as i can get it.
actually land people in jail? >>> it's a blockbuster trial date. o.j. simpson and jodi arias both set to testify in their high-profile court battles. the first time o.j. takes the stand in any trial as jodi arias will make a last-ditch attempt to save her life. >>> the backlash against abercrombie & fitch reaches a fever pitch. a new movement growing now to give the clothes to the homeless as kirstie alley rails over their thin customers only policy overnight. >>> breaking new details on angelina jolie revealing she's set for even more life-saving surgery after her double mastectomy. her doctor outlining every step this morning as brad pitt speaks out now about her courageous decision. >>> and good morning, everyone. robin off today. great to have amy robach here and another explosive story developing right now, that american official thrown out of russia accused of being a spy. you see him right there and the u.s. ambassador, michael mcfaul summoned overnight to the russian foreign ministry walking in. >> let's look at what everyone is talking about. the wig, there it is, russia clai
connect. buy one get four free for your business. >>> the lawyer of o.j. simpson botched his case is on the stand in las vegas. the football star is seeking a new trial. the case stems from a confrontation in las vegas back in 2007. yale galanter says he did his best to represent simpson. >> i wanted to do everything i could possibly do to give o.j. a shot at getting released. i thought that his conviction and sentence was unfair. >> simpson is serving 33 years in prison right now. >>> in phoenix, jurors in the jodi arias trial are hearing from the family of travis alexander. they're sharing emotional stories about the man arias is convicted of brutally murdering. casey wian has details. >> reporter: steven alexander was in the u.s. army in 2008 when he found out his brother travis had been murdered, as his killer, an emotional jodi arias, sat and watched, alexander told jurors about the unanswered questions that haunt him to this day. >> how much did he suffer? how much did he scream? what was he saying? what was the last thing he saw before his eyes closed? what was his final th
weather update. >>> o. j. simpson's form attorney giving some pretty seriously damaging testimony at a court hearing as the nfl star is seeking a retrial. he was convicted of kidnapping and armed robbery in 2008. currently serving a sentence of nine to 33 years in prison. dom nick denatale has more. >> hey there. we all know o.j. appeared many times before in court. but this week was the very first time he's ever testified in his own defense. on wednesday he was allowed one hand to be unshackled so he could explain evidence presented to show how his former attorney had poorly represented him in his 2008 case. that case centers around charges of theft and taking hostages at gun point in a las vegas hotel room as o. j. simpson was trying to reclaim memory beihl i can't. he said gantter not advised him well enough on what to do in that attempt to claim his things back and that the attorney was too dominant a character that he dared question his judgment. take a listen. >> yale is in charge. he makes no bones so that everybody that works with him knows that he's the guy that's in char
him from arrest. the state department only says he is an embassy employee. >> o.j. simpson expected to take the stand today. he says his lawyers botched his defense in the 2008 las vegas armed robbery case that landed him a prison sentence of 9 to 33 years. now he wants a new trial. he did score a small victory the second day in court. instead of being fully restrained the judge allowed him to have one hand free to take notes and drink water. >>> juror number seven caroline kennedy set to sit on a trial of an accused manhattan track dealer. the former first daughter picked despite having ties to the prosecutor on the case who once taught her children tennis. kennedy assured it would not affect her judgment. the trial is expected to last about a week. those are your headlines. i always wanted to be a juror? >>steve: really? >>gretchen: yes. >>steve: you'll eventually get called. >>gretchen: i've been called in connecticut and new york. eight months pregnant in new york and the trial is going to last four months. i'm like this isn't going to work for me. >>brian: that's how you got ou
in there. >> o.j. simpson due back in court tuesday in his bid for a new trial on that 2008 kidnapping and robbery conviction. also, jodi arias, she now faces the death penalty. we will talk about that as well. this is msnbc. blan [ male announcer erica had a rough day. there was this and this. she got a parking ticket... ♪ and she forgot to pay her credit card bill on time. good thing she's got the citi simplicity card. it doesn't charge late fees or a penalty rate. ever. as in never ever. now about that parking ticket. [ grunting ] [ male announcer ] the citi simplicity card is the only card that never has late fees, a penalty rate, or an annual fee, ever. go to to apply. or an annual fee, ever. man: the charcoal went out already? ... forget it. vo: there's more barbeque time in every bag of kingsford original charcoal. kingsford. >>> i put every ounce of blood, sweat and soul into defending him. the idea that i didn't have mr. simpson's best interest at heart is insulting and be a subtle. >> that was yale galanterer, the former attorney for o.j. simpson, on the
.s. embassy not commenting. >> gretchen: o. j. simpson expected to take the stand as early as today. he says his lawyers botched his defense in a 2008 vegas armed robbery case. now he wants a new trial. a much bigger simpson appeared in the las vegas courtroom. he has ballooned to 270 pounds apparently behind bars. he was convicted back in 2008, being behind bars, taking a toll. check out these photos. here he is yesterday compared to the middle picture in 2008. on the far right in 1995, the day he was acquitted of his ex-wife's murder. >> brian: yesterday we saw prime minister david cameron meet with the president talk being a free trade deal. he wanted to make sure to stop by boston not only to give those -- pause for those who lost their lives and the 200 plus wounded, but also to study the site, there appearing with the governor, so he's seen there talking to them. also about what exactly took place a couple of weeks ago here in the u.s. because they study this like we study theirs after their attacks 'cause they suffered the london bombings, many of which took place in subways and buses
the one world football project donating soccer balls to people in developing countries. o.j. simpson is set to take the stand today. the former football star certificate serving up to 33 years in prison. simpson claimed he had inappropriate legal representation at his 200 trial. >>> and you've heard of fans catching balls at baseball games. but take a look at this one. a little bit more impressive. watch what happens. san francisco's hunter penn loses control of his bat, it flies into the stand and fortunately, caught by a fan. a lucky moment as, of course, that bat could have done some damage, could have hurt someone. 8:04 right now. let's go back to matt and savannah. wonder if he gets to keep the bat, guys. >> thanks so much. >>> dylan dryer is here this is an 80 birthday. how happy are you to be here? >> i'm absolutely thrilled. i have wanted all my life. i'm a farm lady from minnesota. >> and you made it to new york city. >> thank you. >> never wash my face again. >> happy birthday. >> big celebration here in new york city. >> thanks for being here with us. >> we are actually go
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)